Chris Hoke

Gang Pastor | Prisoner Reentry Organizer | Writer

The official homepage for Chris Hoke--Underground Ministries Executive Director, prison chaplain, gang pastor, and writer in Washington's Skagit Valley.


In a maximum-security prison visit with "Neaners," who first called me his gang circle's pastor. Now we are co executive directors of Underground Ministries.


You can get a every-few-weeks newsletter in your inbox where I tell some stories from the ministry and ask folks to back us up in serious prayer. If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, just email me and let me know.



Chris Hoke

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Book A Reading/Speaking Event

I have been traveling to promote the book, Wanted, doing readings in bookstores, universities, churches, conferences and even some prisons. Some upcoming events are posted on the Tour page up soon, as well as a list of prison justice and spirituality topics on which I regularly speak. You can email me if you are interested in booking a speaking event.

Current TOUR dates and locations here.