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Gang Pastor | Prisoner Reentry Organizer | Writer

The official homepage for Chris Hoke--Underground Ministries Executive Director, prison chaplain, gang pastor, and writer in Washington's Skagit Valley.

Underground Coffee

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In 2008, we at Tierra Nueva began our first micro-enterprise: Underground Coffee, where men and women who are leaving the criminal underground life are now artisan, small-batch coffee roasters in the Northwest tradition.

The coffee is grown by our Tierra Nueva founding farmers in Honduras, and they partner with guys here in the Skagit Valley--who now roast and package a different, healthier product, literally underground in our roasting facility. 

Underground Coffee offers supportive employment to men coming out of the American underground, honoring their stories, their transferable street and drug skills, their need for dignified job training despite their tattoos and criminal records, and their yearning to sustain their own calling to reach out to others still stuck in the underground. 

The art of roasting coffee is similar to the spiritual transformation that happens inside the hearts of hardened men. Coffee beans are tough as small rocks when they get here. But when they churn together in drum heated by flame, something happens: "first crack." The beans expand in the heat. Their protective layer, the chaff, falls off. The beans' inherent character and complexity begin to develop. So it is with these hearts in the heat of God's love, embraced in community.

We ship fresh fresh bags directly to homes through online subscriptions, and we are looking to partner with more cafés, offices and churches.

Check out our website for more info at  (click below):