Chris Hoke

Gang Pastor | Prisoner Reentry Organizer | Writer

The official homepage for Chris Hoke--Underground Ministries Executive Director, prison chaplain, gang pastor, and writer in Washington's Skagit Valley.

Journals & Magazines

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Modern Farmer

           Gangsters, Swastikas, Tweakers  & Permaculture

Christian Century   

           Exchanging Letters with People In Hell

            One Parish, One Prisoner: A Proposal

Learning from Richard: A Jail Chaplain's Story (Excerpt from WANTED)

Jesus' Barrio: Inmates As Apostles

The Drake   

The Secret Lives of Salmon and Gangsters

Good Letters

           Saint Death and Easter

           Monasticism In Lockdown America, Part 1: Cells

           Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 2: Bowing

           Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 3: Burpees

           Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 4: Asceticism

           Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 5: Holy Elders

           Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 6: Icons

           Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 7: Holy Fool

           Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 8: Psalms

           Monasticism in Lockdown America, Part 8: Psalms, Cont.


The Christ-Bearer


             Hearts Like Radios

             How the Light Gets In : 25th Anniversary Issue


NEW: How to Defy the World: An Interview with WANTED author Chris Hoke

Tattoos and Bright Lights: Inside Guatemala's Gang Prisons

Four Questions with Chris Hoke

The Immigrant Days of Christmas

Red Letter Christians

           Mug Shots of God's Presence (Excerpt from WANTED)


In Search of Sacred Space

The Other Journal    

Advent: Being Received by Teddy


Invading Hell